Destination Navigators is dedicated to the provision of consistent, high quality destination services for those relocating to and from the United Kingdom. We concentrate solely on the destination services element of the relocation and employee mobility process, understanding what is required in order to create an environment of trust and confidence so the needs of the company and their relocating employee are addressed. Also that the communication is efficient and meaningful throughout and that every event and action is expected, well explained and justified.

Destination Services represent a major element of any successful employee relocation. More than that, they provide the relocating assignee and family a key opportunity for face to face contact in what can otherwise be an arms-length operation. Consequently, the organisation, control and quality of the destination services received have the power to make or break the success of any such relocation. Yet for many organisations they often remain the least controlled and most distant part of the complete process.

Destination Navigators exists to address these risks.

This is supported via:

  • Consultants reporting directly to Destination Navigators who assist with support, effective communication and ongoing advice.
  • Reporting to the company as events unfold, providing explanation and justification as well as advising on the next steps.
  • Troubleshooting of any event or action that is likely to cause issues, delays or additional cost.
  • Acting as the 'tenants agent' we take the lead in dealing with Landlords and their agents to ensure strong, clear and effective communication is maintained.
  • Strength in depth, the Destination Navigators network provides alternative resources should a consultant become unavailable for any reason.
  • An additional point of contact for the relocating family, should they have any questions or concerns.
  • At Destination Navigators, we are also happy to discuss any bespoke requirements. Nothing is too much trouble, so please ask and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your destination service needs.

About Us

Destination Navigators, a new organisation created by highly experienced relocation professionals, dedicated to the provision of quality, on-the-ground assistance to companies and their relocating assignees.

Calm Heads on Experienced shoulders:

Created by highly experienced Global Mobility professionals, Destination Navigators offers a calm, methodical approach to what can be a difficult, confusing and emotional process. We have created and effectively manage a network of highly experienced consultants operating across the UK. They are our on the ground presence delivering assistance utilising their local knowledge, property markets expertise and an understanding of the relocating family's needs and concerns. Consultants typically have experience of living and working in other countries and can effectively bring that knowledge to bear when assisting the family. Moreover, they are capable, patient and calm professionals selected to represent the best Consultants operating in the industry today.

Understanding and Appreciating the Relocating Family's Needs:

Relocating employees or assignees receive a personal service providing guidance, advice and recommendation concerning matters crucial to their ability to happily settle into the new location (schools, security & well-being, commute, neighbourhood, housing, local amenities etc.). Through our experience, both of living on assignment plus many years of successfully delivering destination services, we are able to translate that understanding into an effective range of services delivered by our network of carefully selected, well managed and strongly supported consultants.

We Offer

A UK wide network of highly experienced consultants
Properly set up and well managed to represent a face-to-face asset for the relocating family
Delivering local knowledge combined with excellent reach into the property rental markets
Who are effective communicators with a real desire to assist the relocating family
Who will adhere to company policy whilst addressing the relocating family’s personal needs and wherever possible, their hopes & aspirations
Trained to help in setting realistic expectancy levels from the outset

Our Services

Orientation/Look-See Trips
Serviced Accommodation Search & Set-Up
Short Term Rental Search
Remote/Desk-Top Property Search
Home Finding Assistance
Lease Negotiation & Set-Up
Inventory Check-In/Out
Settling-In Assistance
School Visits
Education Consultancy
Relocating Partner Support & Assistance
Departure Assistance
Lease Close Down
Meet & Greet Services
Property Condition Report
Airport Pick-Up

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